TOTAL DEPY is one of the possible solutions for cosmetic hair removal to minimize the aesthetic (also psychological) problems caused by hirsutism. TOTAL DEPY makes hair removal treatments effectively and safely. It was specifically designed and built for performing hair removal treatment with a variable power output of thermolysis that slows down the process of hair growth, by inhibiting the regeneration of the same TOTAL DEPY uses the principle of thermolysis, ie, the energy emitted through the needle, in the form of heat, produces an increase in temperature in the hair follicle and is absorbed by the melanin that coagulates causing the falling of the hair. TOTAL DEPY system is the solution to unwanted hair, suitable for all skin types and in any part of the body, able to work even in the most difficult and delicate parts (face, armpits, groin). Included with the apparatus are provided three types of needles suitable for various areas of the body.


TOTAL DEPY is, consequently, an irreplaceable work companion for the beautician who can now choose the most suitable hair removal method according to clients’ requirements: BLEND METHOD, NEEDLE, TWEEZER, SUPER FLASH, SUPER FLASH 3  and ELECTROLYSIS.


Full description

The NEEDLE METHOD is a diathermy coagulation and bases its epilating action on the effect of the heat that develops near the needle. The rapid passage of the high frequency electric current that concentrates in the small needle, stimulates the nearby cells of the hair follicle to vibrate and destroys them due to the effect of the heat.


The BLEND METHOD uses a blend of low intensity currents for a perfect combination of the destructive action of the electrolysis with the rapid action of the thermolysis.


The TWEEZER METHOD uses the high frequency current which, when applied to the hair, is conveyed due to the sliding effect of the current itself towards the papilla in order to destroy it. This is all possible without the use of needles or even the slightest discomfort.


The SUPER FLASH METHOD is based on the effects of thermolysis with a spark of current at very high intensity for thousandths of a second to dry the wall of the follicle and the dermal papilla. This takes place with a minimum level of discomfort.


The SUPER FLASH 3 METHOD is a variation of the SUPER FLASH method which, thanks to an automatic control device, emits three very fast discharges in thousandths of a second at a high intensity to increase the effects of the method itself without even a minimum of discomfort.


The ELECTROLYSIS METHOD is a one-way low intensity current which remains constant and is emitted into the hair follicle by means of a needle and in the presence of water and sodium chloride contained in the liquid of organic tissues, it sets off an electrolytic mechanism of ionic decomposition. This leads to the formation of sodium hydroxide which has a caustic action and leads to the destruction of the organic tissues that form the root of the hair. It is an irreplaceable method for the treatment of bent follicles.