Silhouette Slim and Toned


Treatments with élite Resolution Total Body System perform a deep reshaping, draining and toning action on the silhouette and are useful to counter the imperfections caused by cellulite, because they facilitate the removal of catabolic waste and excess fluids.

The device is equipped with a number of innovative programs that combine different sequences of treatments using 2 specific technologies: Radio Frequency for cellulite problems and atony and the endo-massage to restore the correct veno-lymphatic supply. RF and endo-massage for face as optional.


Chrome Endodermic Massage


Draining action

Endodermic massage treatments are useful on cellulite, sagging skin and problems of water retention. Using specific applicators, the beautician can make decollement, drain and thytmic massage, either simultaneously or individual, automatically or manually. The LED lights of the handpiece give a pleasant sensation of well-being.


Bipolar Body RF


Firming action

The bio-physical effect of radio frequency is based on the transformation of energy into heat. It increases the local metabolism, speeds up the blood flow in the microcirculation, eliminates water retention in the capillaries, releases the interstitial tissue from edemas, restores the required temperature to reactivate lipolysis, stops the fibrotic reaction of the subcutaneous tissue, reduces sagging skin and the effects of the imperfection of cellulite*.


Multipolar Body RF


Reshaping action

Multipolar RF exploits the characteristics of both methods (monopolar and bipolar systems) to bring the energy under the skin and moreover, it has the advantage to focus the range just in one point through the 4 poles system. In this way, they may be obtained higher temperature both on the surface (40°C) and in the deepest layers (43°C until 2 cm). The multipolar handpiece allows to operate at lower power (up to 25 watt) than previous methods and thus with relatively longer treatment times without creating discomfort and / or pain to the customer.