Enhance the benefits of Overline treatments



The dermatological tests conducted by the University of Ferrara guarantee maximum tolerability, excellent quality, high performance and total safety of the cosmetics. Also ideal for sensitive skin, the soft textures of the products and the delicate allergen-free fragrances make the treatment pleasant and relaxing, for the absolute comfort of the skin.


Serums, creams and masks “bath of color on the skin” by the extraordinary anti-aging, rebalancing, moisturizing effect, ideal even for sensitive skins, which act effectively in synergy with the cabin treatments of Electroporation, Radio Frequency, Oxygen, Jontophoresis, Lifting and Wellness.


Specific products to optimize the results of Electroporation, Radio Frequency an Oxygen. The serums and emulsions allow you to act on the imperfections caused by cellulite, improve the hydration and elasticity of tissues, nourish and tone the skin for an optimal in synergy with equipment.


Products mainly dedicated to Laser Treatment. The formulations have been created and tested to provide a correct preparation of the skin, a correct use of the technology and a final phase a final phase of hydration and restoration of the skin.


– Gel formulation with highly concentrated Actives
– Complete treatment only with Bandages
– Protocols studied for each type of imperfection
– Wrapping with a slightly compressive action creating a centripetal force
– Dermatologically tested
– 100% compatible with the most advanced technologies
– Gradual and long-lasting results
– Easy to use thanks to our application method