Essentiality and high performance


Small space, big results, in a word Exential. These devices for professional aesthetic, the result of research, design and realization made in Italy, enclose in a very compact size the most innovative technologies. EXENTIAL solutions for face, body and hair removal, combine the modern and linear design, ease of use, functionality and safety. Suitable for all environments, they are ideal for solving space problems, without sacrificing the performances.


EXENTIAL 824 beauty device includes Bipolar radiofrequency  for face and  Multipolar radiofrequency for face as optional (additionally it is possible to buy and connect).


Bipolar RF


Regenerating action

Radio Frequency is effective to counteract sagging skin, wrinkles and signs of aging, acting by Diathermy, which increases the oxygen carried to tissues, it speeds up the cell metabolism and the elimination of catabolic wastes and it stimulates the production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid, for a natural and progressive lifting effect.


Multipolar RF


Anti-age action

It is used to get a skin rejuvenation, thanks to the increase in the subcutaneous temperature, that causes a denaturation of proteins of Collagen, which shrink and thicken (lifting effect), leading to an increase of the consistency of the dermis. The thermal injury caused by the Radio Frequency also activates fibroblasts with a consequent increasein the time of Collagen, Elastin, and then also an increase in the dermal density, generating a greater tissue stretching.