The device allows treatment of muscle Electrostimulation through programs with gradual and progressive stimulation. Electrostimulation, selectively acts on muscle groups by facilitating the modeling in the desired areas. The graphic display allows you to display indicative schemes for placement of the plates and the variation of the parameters. The device has 8 channels that allow the use of 16 total plates for a complete treatment. 8 STIMULATION PROGRAMS (legs –arms – face).


EXE.720/8 is a piece of equipment based on a new concept and consisting of the latest generation of microprocessor that can select 4 different types of electric waves and combine them together. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of choosing a different program for the face and body, this equipment is the most complete for carrying out specific beauty treatments that take advantage of the properties of electric waves. As a result, the polyvalent skin firming, toning and draining treatment that also improves local circulation provides a total approach to the beauty problem of every client. All this with an obvious reduction in the treatment time while the beauty results are better and, in some ways, are visible even after the first treatment.