The Art of Remodeling

The top of versatility and effectiveness for amazing results.

A cutting-edge equipment, which uses a mix of effective technologies to slim the silhouette, and can be used synergistically or individually thanks to special handpieces.

It allows reducing, elasticizing, toning, modeling and draining. Thanks to the stimulating action of LLLT, it works in a direct, targeted and non- invasive way on the cell membrane, promoting the exchange and elimination of fat in adipose cells.

This equipment is also provided with Endomassage technology for a draining action, Ultrasound 1 MHz for a slimming action, Electrolipolysis to tone, Radiofrequency with EMS technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) for collagen stimulation activity, Electroporation for a transdermal delivery of active ingredients, and Chromo frequency for a rebalancing activity. Being a complete technology, it also uses handpieces dedicated to facial treatments, for a total look offer to every customer.