A safe and versatile pulsed light device


The hair problem is not only an aesthetic flaw but also a psychological distress. People afflicted by this problem often feel limited in their relational world and so hair removal treatment is one of the most popular. The technology in this field has undergone significant evolution, from electrocoagulation to laser, and now the pulsed light is the latest system that uses high intensity flash light (IPL) to obtain good results in a shorter time.


élite Resolution I.P.L. is the effective pulsed light solution for unwanted hair, suitable for all skin types and for every part of the body, indeed it works even in the most difficult and delicate points, like face, underarms and groin. This device uses the principle of selective photo-thermolysis: it generates a series of light flashes that inhibit the cells responsible for the development of the hair and then reduces hair growth.


The equipment has been designed and built in order to achieve the following results:

·        Hair removal

·        Photo-rejuvenation

·        Acne

·        Couperose

 To achieve the different results, the equipment is fitted with different light-filters, to vary the length of the wave of light issued.