The solution that respects your skin

The dermatological tests conducted at the Ferrara University guarantee the maximum tolerance, excellent quality, high performance and total safety of the cosmetics. The soft textures and delicate fragrances without allergens make the treatment pleasant and relaxing, for absolute skin comfort. O’Care also offers products dedicated to the needs of sensitive skin.



The line is inspired by modern, dynamic and cosmopolitan women. Products with minimalist, clean and appealing desig for women who also wish to express their character through the skillful use of cosmetics.

O’Care does not want to dominate, but gently become part of the daily beauty routine. A simple line that is born from the experience and passion of a Company that believes in the value of “taking care of yourself”, in the best way and with dedicated and specific care.

A line which, in addition to professional products, designed specifically to accentuate the work of beauty therapists, also includes a series of formats dedicated to home treatments, continuing the process of improving the skin begun at the beauty salon.

All  O’Care  products guarantee maximum efficacy and safety thanks to the use of modern technologies, research and development, the continuous discovery of new ingredients and the innumerable possibilities offered by the plant world.

The products can be harmoniously combined to protect and take care of every skin type. Regular use allows the skin to get the essential nutrients it needs to rebalance and revitalize.

O’Care is the precious daily treatment for every woman who wants healthy, radiant and beautiful skin. Pampering for every need and for any type of texture. Discover the O’Care products: natural, progressive, compelling, highly effective, customised…and with a real promise of beauty!